The Aeroallergen Exposome Database is a database solution to store measurement data from different locations into one database without caring about different units, time frames or locations. You just put all measured data – as it is – into the database and it is safely and securely stored. When it comes to further analysis or reports, the raw measured data will be automatically combined and aligned as you need it. Your data can be access through an user-friendly and modern web application. The database is developed in collaboration with Prof. Buters, Technische Universität München, and meets highest demands of practical usage and quality standards.

All Your Data in One Place

You put your measured data with its specific unit, time frame and location into the database. There is no need to have several data formats, database products or proprietary data files anymore.

Safe and Secure

The data is stored safely and will be backed up regulary. For high availability permanent replication is available. Each access to the database application and each data transport through the network is fully encrypted.

User-Friendly Interface

All features of the Aeroallergen Exposome Database are accessible through a modern web application with great user experience. All you need is a network connection and a modern Internet browser.

Customizable Exports

For analysis of your data just export the data you actually need with the combination and time alignment that you need. The data exports are easily customizable: Just define time and locations and drag & drop the data you need for the export.

One Only True Data Source

As all your data is stored in one single database, there is no need to have several copies of the same data for several purposes anymore. The only true data is stored in the Aeroallergen Exposome Database and only exports are customized for your current needs.

Highly Configurable

The Aeroallergen Exposome Database accepts all types of measured data with specific time or time frame for several locations. The kind of data, its units, the locations and specifiec time and time frames are configured to meet your needs.

The overview page shows some statistical information about your data.

With the editor you can directly edit values through the web front-end.

The export window allows to create customized export by choosing the locations, time range and kind of data you would like to export.


Our goal is to minimize manual work and to automatize data flows as much as possible. The Aeroallergen Exposome Database is designed to work with several data standards as well as to support individual formats. Furthermore, measured data can be imported automatically into the database to minimize manual work. As the application is under continous development more and more data formats will be supported to fit our customers needs.

Data Import

The default import data format is the commonly used format of Excel Spreadsheets that bases on OpenXML. The Aeroallergen Exposome Database can also handle other standard formats such as CSV, XML or raw text. Individual formats can be added.

Seamless Device Integration

The Aeroallergen Exposome Database can also import data directly and automatically from your measuring device if it has a data interface. The optional use of a so-called "staging area" enables you to check and verify the import before it is stored in the real database.

Data Export

Also the export supports several standard data formats. The defaut is is the commonly used format of Excel Spreadsheets. The export function uses several individual features of the choosen export format such as formatting or calculation to make the most of it.

How to Get It

The Aeroallergen Exposome Database is an application that runs on a central server and can be accessed through the Internet. The most demanded option is to get an own Aeroallergen Exposome Database without caring about setup and infrastructure ("as-a-service"). This option is brought to you for a monthly fee. Furthermore, there is a option to run the whole application at your premises which gives you full control over the aplication and infrastructure.

Aeroallergen Exposome Database as a Service

This is the most prefered and recommended option our customers choose: You get your own Aeroallergen Exposome Database which can be accessed securely from anywhere through the Internet. There is no need to care about IT infratructure, availability, backups or even software updates – you just get it automatically. There is no initial setup to be done by you: Just start with your first login.

  • Initial setup is done by us – You start with your first login.
  • User management is done either by you or by us.
  • 24/7 availability from anywhere with at least 99% uptime.
  • The service is provided from a data center situated in Germany.
  • Backups and software updates are included and will be performed automatically.
  • Flexbible payment models.

Aeroallergen Exposome Database at Your Premises

If you have already an IT infrastructure setup or an own datacenter you might prefer to run the Aeroallergen Exposome Database at your own premises. With this option you can use existing infrastructure such as back-end databases or backup facilities while keeping the full control over the application. With this option you need some base IT expertise to set up and run the application.

  • Initial setup is done by you following our documentation and support.
  • User management is done by you.
  • Monitoring and uptime depends on your facilities.
  • You are free to choose where the application runs.
  • You are free to choose how and when backups and updates are performed.
  • We offer a licence which depends on the number of users.

Please contact our sales team at @ to get an individual offer.


For further information or to get an individual offer, please contact our sales team at @ .

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